Sunday Kind of Love

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a good week. I had sort of a stressful week, but I took it easy yesterday and enjoyed a much needed day off. I also unplugged and stayed off the internet. It was easier than you think, I promise!

Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
  • Not sure how many of you have dogs, but I have a special pup that you are probably familiar with from me posting photos of him here, on IG, or in my stories. He's a Chinese Crested named David Bowie and he is my whole heart. To make a long story short we tried to eliminate the crate this past week in hopes of having a cage-free pup and it went as bad as one can imagine. It included puke on the pink couch and many days of me trying to get the stain out of the cushion. A few anxiety attacks later, lots of blotting and stain remover and the couch is back to new. Phew!
But First Tequila | Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
  • It was National Tequila Day on Monday so I hope you got to enjoy one of the drinks I posted! 
Chrome Manicure | Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
  • I got a chrome manicure finally. My nail salon just got the powders in and I was super excited to try it out. Aren't they pretty? It reminds me of rose gold.
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
  • I found this AWESOME wall hanging at Home Goods. I couldn't believe it! I needed something to brighten up the staircase. I'm thinking of sprucing up the hallway/staircase this fall. Maybe some wallpaper, a landing area to hang coats, a bench for shoes/purses, a mirror, and I really want to paint the stairs. They get dirty pretty easily and I'd like to paint them in a higher gloss so that they're easier to clean. Can't decide if I want to paint the whole staircase, do ombre, the tops of each stair or wallpaper each step. Also painting a "runner" could look really cool. I started a Pinterest board that you can check out here. I'm really digging the idea of doing teal. It's bright enough to be colorful but dark enough to hide dirt. What are your thoughts?
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
  • I think I decided on a kitchen table. After measuring and being very realistic with myself (I think I'm growing up) I think it's best to go with the Modern Expandable Table from West Elm. The table is only 30" deep and expands from 39" to 55" which isn't obtrusive into the surrounding areas. I really wanted a round table but I think going with a rectangle is a better choice for the shape of the room. I can always have a round table in my breakfast nook in the next house. One day I will have a proper dining room! This gives me the ability to have a small table for everyday use and a long table for when I have company.

I'm thinking about starting another column about bartending technique (shaking, stirring, building rounds, batching, ice, dilution). The more I share about how it's done behind the bar and what I've learned over the years, the more informed you will be while you're making drinks at home. Thoughts or anything you'd like me to include?

Lots of recipes coming soon and some home projects this week. I will have lots to post next Sunday! Are you doing anything fun today? I'm heading to Sussex County again for my Mom's birthday. I think we might thrift on the way. One can only hope! Cheers everyone. xo