Sunday Kind of Love

Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM

I decided that besides my weekly cocktail posts, I'd like to start a weekly column where I share what I've been up to. I've always loved reading my favorite bloggers Sunday posts, like Elsie Larsons' 10 Things I Love Sunday or Joy Wilsons' Let it be Sunday. It also gives me a chance to just write my thoughts down and hopefully get to know some of my readers a little bit more. You are all of course the reason why I do this in the first place!

Sunday is my favorite day, I'm not sure why, maybe because it's like my Saturday (Ethan hates when I say that). My schedule has always been a little off because I'm a bartender, which means keeping unconventional hours and having opposite days off than the rest of the world. Sunday is the only thing I have in common with the 'normal' world. It is also the only day I have off with Ethan so we usually spend it together. Sometimes we go out, or we stay home and cook, watch scary movies, and go out for walks with Bowie. It's definitely our family day!

  • Today Ethan is making pork tacos with kiwi salsa. YUM! I had a bunch of watermelon left over from a post this week so I froze it and I'm making this watermelon gazpacho recipe. I'm also taking the extra jalapenos from that recipe and kiwi from the salsa and making kiwi jalapeno margaritas. It wouldn't be Sunday without a cocktail! Be on the lookout on Instagram for pics.
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM | Bedroom Progress
  • I have finally made some progress in the bedroom. I got my Claudia Chloe print in the mail earlier this week. I spotted some of her photography prints in a shop in Asbury Park, NJ two years ago and have basically been IG stalking her ever since. I'm glad I finally had a space in my new home for one of her photos.
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM | Bedroom Progress | Nightstands | DIY
  • I found these vintage nightstands on Craigslist and loved the color so much I almost re-thought my whole bedroom design. In the end I thought I should stick to my design plan and I repainted them Caribbean Cool by Benjamin Moore in a super high gloss finish. When they were finished I was really happy I stuck with my original choice because this color palette is totally more "me" and I absolutely adore them. I saw similiar vintage nightstands on Chairish for $1,980. This look plus the paint came in at under $200 for the pair. I say this was a DIY win!
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM | DIY Bulletin Board | Workspace
  • I took an old frame, spray painted it, and ordered cork foam board off Amazon and made myself a bulletin board for my office. Super happy with how it came out. I can't wait to get some of my prints framed to hang next to it. That cactus print on my bulletin board is printable art from Sugar & Cloth.
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM | Palm Springs Inspired Livingroom
Sunday Kind of Love | ARSENIC-LACE.COM | Mezcal Paloma

Okay I think that's it for my first Sunday Kind of Love! Till next week. Happy Sunday!

xo Natalie